Microjig pre-order bulk purchase

Interested to own Microjig.com tools?

Do join our Microjig pre-order bulk purchase. Once we have accumulate total orders of USD500 around MYR2,067.28 (Min purchase for international courier required by Microjig.com), we will proceed the order.

The items will reach your doorstep in 15 working days if no delay at customs.

This is only for serious buyer and for those who able to make full payment in advance.

Take note that there will be additional 11% (6% GST + 5% Import Rate) on top of the product price to cater the custom import tax and gst.

To verify
Kindly refer http://tariff.customs.gov.my/ to verify the GST & Import Rate (Select HS CODE & search 8205)

What are the benefits of this pre-order? You’ll save on expensive international courier chargers as if you purchase them individually.

More products/tools from other well known woodworking brands coming soon…

Microjig.com products and it’s price

GR-100 MYR247.57 (USD59.95)
GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock with Advanced Techniques DVD

GR-200 MYR330.348 (USD79.95)
GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock with Advanced Techniques DVD

TJ-5000 MYR578.264 (USD139.95)
MICRODIAL Tapering Jig

GB-1 MYR123.78 (USD29.95)
GRR-RIP BLOCK Smart Hook Pushblock

*Current conversion rate as of 3rd March 2016
1 USD = 4.13301 MYR

How to join the Microjig pre-order bulk purchase

1. Place your order via
PM, email or whatsapp at 0122189679

2. We will advise the courier chargers upon getting the quotation fromMicrojig.com after we submit all of your order.

3. If agree, proceed with the payment
We accept cash, online transfer, cheque and credit card via paypal
Kindly refer -> http://www.kerjakayu.my/beli-kayu/payment-method

4. We will courier the item to your doorstep with in 1-2 working days upon receiving the goods from Microjig USA which takes around 12 working days upon payment being made to them.

Interested to order?
Call/SMS/Whatsapp : 0122189679

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