Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) Photo Contest 2015

Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) Photo Contest 2015

Contest period : 15th June 2015 – 16 August 2015

Competition categories
Category 1 – Human Interaction with the Forest (People)

This category is aimed at portraying the relationship between man and forest. This may include the dependency of indigenous tribes on the forest as their homes or to enhance and their daily lives. Various forest appreciation activities such as camping, conservation activities, jungle trekking and mountain climbing could also be included.

Category 2 – Glory of the Forest

Capture forest scenes that convey the forest’s sense of wilderness, beauty, wonder and serenity, including the innumerable glorious species of flora and fauna of the Malaysian tropical forest.

Category 3 – Wood and Its Many Uses

Entries must creatively illustrate the versatility of wood in various products or applications such as houses/ buildings/ structures or household items.

Category 4 – Student

This category is for students aged 20 and below. Students can submit any photos based on “Human Interaction with the Forest”, “Glory of the Forest” and “Wood and its many uses” for the competition.

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