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coming soon..!? we’re super excited. is working on a new project to provide a better space, platform & environment for everyone especially to those who are interested in woodworking and other do-it-yourself (diy) related stuffs. mission by creating this platform are to create awareness, built interest and to provide guidance to the community not only limited to woodworking but also other type of diy.

Hopefully the platform that trying to do will bring lots of good cause to the community.

Again, we couldn’t thank everyone enough for always been supporting in any way, shape, or form from the very beginning.

Lastly, you may register your interest via link below and we will try our best to accommodate them :-

What you can expect from above links?
workshop rental
woodworking course (kids -> adults)
pine wood reseller programme

Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

more info : : Open woodworking workshop concept
Malaysia’s diy woodworking community.
Call/sms/whatsapp : 0122189679 (Azlan)

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