Hybrid stabilized wood

Hybrid stabilized wood – used for vape mod (e-cigs mod), pen/knife turning & etc

Each hybrid stabilized wood blanks that we produced are one of a kind, exclusive, special, rare and limited edition due to the unique burl/wood/species/color/grain/design being used to produce them. You will find no identical in the market because they’re all handmade.
We’re able to accept custom made hybrid stabilized wood order as below based on the selection of your choices:
1. stabilized wood only or hybrid stabilized wood or 100% resin
2. wood species
– We able to offer wide range of exotic wood species, exotic burl species, softwood, hardwood and etc.
3. color/dye selection
– Any color of your liking
4. size
– Any size of your choice to meet your specifications
5. additional items to include in the hybrid wood to make the mods personal to the owners
– example : collectible items of yours such as coins, stamps, notes, small memorabilia merchandise and etc
6. exclusive rights & design of mods. (optional)
– we will not share/published your design anywhere. Additional fees applies based on negotiation. FYI, we will publish/share all the hybrid stabilized wood that we produce unless you choose this exclusive rights option.
Last but not least, soon we might be able to offer/accept custom built your own mods services with your own choices of design, materials and hardware’s such as DNA, tanks, batteries and etc.
Call/SMS/Whatsapp : 0122189679

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